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The Perfect Destination for Water Sports and Railway Fans

For fans of water sports and railways, there is no other place like East Tokyo Bay. The area fuses historical and modern Japanese infrastructure with the legacy left behind by Tokyo 2020.

A Blend of Nostalgia and Modernity

The east side of Tokyo Bay is a place that skillfully merges nostalgia with modernity and history with the present and the future. This is on full display in inner-bay areas like Tatsumi, Kasai, and their environs on the east of Tokyo Bay, where new Olympic venues and shitamachi (old town) neighborhoods thrive side-by-side.

Tokyo Bay (East) Instagram Effect

We create this Instagram Effect
so everyone can experience what it's like to visit Tokyo!
Use the effect to take a picture at one of the Tokyo Bay (East)'s
Olympic venues or sightseeing landmarks.
Enjoy your virtual trip to Tokyo!


Kasai Canoe Slalom Centre
First artificial slalom course in Japan
A shopping complex that values human interaction with nature
Tokyo Aquatics Centre
Tokyo 2020 Games newly developed swimming facility
docomo bike share service
Borrow bikes in many locations to cycle around Tokyo
Tsukiji Hongwanji Temple
Temple famous for unique, ancient Buddhist architecture
Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo
Contemporary art museum with an extensive library
Tokyo Metro Museum
Experience firsthand Tokyo's subway system history
Self-driving monorail with panoramic views of the bay
shikAI navigation system for the visually impaired
Smartphone voice guidance for the visually impaired
Yumenoshima Park Archery Field
Tokyo 2020 Games newly developed archery facility
Toyosu Market
World's largest wholesale market of seafood and vegetables
Bus Rapid Transit
Bus rapid system connecting the city and bay area
Tsukishima Monja Street
Cultural street with many Monjayaki restaurants