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Tokyo’s heart of politics and culture

Chiyoda. When a neighborhood bears a name meaning “a field of a thousand generations,” the chances are that there is something special about it. The wide Chiyoda area is strategically located in the center of Tokyo and is home to many of Japan’s key political and national institutions, including the National Diet Building, the Prime Minister’s Office of Japan, the Supreme Court, the Tokyo Imperial Palace, and numerous embassies and diplomatic establishments.

Chiyoda Instagram Effect

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so everyone can experience what it's like to visit Tokyo!
Use the effect to take a picture at one of the Chiyoda's
Olympic venues or sightseeing landmarks.
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Enjoy delicious Edo cuisine in front of a full-sized sumo ring
An art exhibition offering a personalised experience using the latest technology with plants
Tokyo International Forum
Tokyo 2020 Games weightlifting and powerlifting venue
Bus Rapid Transit
Bus rapid system connecting the city and bay area
Akasaka Hikawa Shrine
A shrine surrounded by greenery in the heart of the city
The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo
Enjoy modern art at Japan's first national art museum
Kokugikan Arena
Tokyo 2020 Games boxing venue
Chanko Kirishima
A restaurant where you can enjoy Chanko nabe
Japan Railways Accessibility
Barrier-free access at Tokyo train stations
Convenience Store
A trend among global media during the Tokyo 2020 Games