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Tranquility, Nature and Local Food Culture

In west Tokyo, beyond the city’s urban limits, parklands and rolling hills starkly contrast the high-rise downtown façade. This is exemplified by natural landmarks like Mt. Takao and Mt. Mitake thrusting upwards from the verdant landscape along with seasonal flower parks and botanical gardens. While it has always been a popular destination for locals, in recent years, Western Tokyo has also become a regular port of call for domestic and international tourists who want to experience Japanese nature without straying too far from the capital. In 2021, it was here in this part of Tokyo, where the world’s best equestrians and their horses gathered to make history at the Tokyo 2020 Games.

Nature, culture and sport out of the city center

Most travelers to Tokyo are familiar with the bustling heart of Tokyo and its 23 wards, but the beauty of this vast city certainly does not end there. Western Tokyo, while still being a part of the greater Tokyo metropolis, offers visitors the chance to experience a variety of natural attractions, including extensive parks, mountains, and gorges. Nishitokyo is home to numerous sport and leisure facilities, the most famous being the TOKYO STADIUM (AJINOMOTO STADIUM), which played an essential role in the Tokyo 2020 Games. The facilities showcased here can all be reached within an hour from central Tokyo.

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Inokashira Park
Metropolitan park filled with vast nature
Edo-Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum
An open-air museum that exhibits several relocated historical buildings
Musashino Forest Sport Plaza
Tokyo 2020 Games wheelchair basketball, badminton, and modern pentathlon venue
"Wellbeing Town" connecting the sky, the earth, and people
Odakyu Railway Accessibility
Barrier-free access at Tokyo train stations
An amusement park that can be enjoyed by all ages
Equestrian Park
Tokyo 2020 Games equestrian venue
Mt. Takao Food
Enjoy the view of Mt. Takao and delicious snacks
Kooriya Peace
Pictureseque, delicious kakigori (shaved ice) available year-round
Takaosanguchi Tourist Office
Multilingual support options in the West Tokyo area
Tokyo 2020 Games football, rugby, and modern pentathlon venue
Showa Kinen Park
A vast park where you can enjoy seasonal flowers and plants
Mt. Takao museum named after the mountain's elevation
Universal Design Taxi
Taxis that make Tokyo more accessible for all